Core Competency
We have high compatibility and resourcefulness for
adjusting the pace according to the customer’s capacity

Quality Control

We can find problems early and make emergency resolution by IQC to avoid the machining interruption caused by deficient
materials. In the machining procedure, we can find problems and correct them by IPQC. Through both of these two quality control
processes, the defect rate can be reduced and quality can be raised.

IQCIncoming Quality Control
IQC is a necessary inspection process of the materials
entering the production line with the goal of ensuring smooth
manufacturing. If undesirable materials are found, we will take
remedial measures as soon as possible and also make the
supplier appraisal by incoming quality and compatibility as a
reference for the future cooperation.
IPQCIn Process Quality Control
IPQC is intended to prevent substandard parts from reaching
the next procedure of the process. This involves specification
auditing, communication and coordination, product validation,
reliability testing, testing condition assessment, and finding
problems within production process. Once we find the abnormality,
we will conduct a feedback, improvement, tracking, and verification
process to improve our work.