Core Competency
We have high compatibility and resourcefulness for
adjusting the pace according to the customer’s capacity

Innovative Technology

If the product you demand is different from the good design practice for machining,
we are able to make recommendations to correct and meet the machining requirements.

For example, one customer brought a product with a design mistake to us for repair and review. Within two hours,
we had made the repaired product which met his process needs.

We have high compatibility and resourcefulness for adjusting the pace according to
the customer’s capacity requirements. We have a variety of advantages:
High Compatibility
The production capacity anytime to meet customer’s demands.
Excellent Resourcefulness
We can complete samples within fourteen working days.
Price Advantage
Processing by four-axle machining center can reduce both machining and personnel costs.
High Reliability
Our customers are all well-known manufacturers. In addition to Taiwan's lens machining industries, we also have customers in China, Japan and Thailand.
No Industry Limitation
We can process products for any industry seeking innovative breakthroughs.
Precision Lathing
We have a variety of lathe equipment to cope with the needs of all kinds of products, such as optics, optoelectronics, medical, bicycles, machinery parts. They can all be accomplished with high accuracy.

Lathes equipped with a variety of special tools can be used to conduct all kinds of additional processing techniques such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing, and so on.

The optical parts with mirror finishing and surface roughness below Ra0.2 can all be done independently by lathe.
Precision Milling Processing
In CNC milling processing, the accuracy requirements of customers have risen from 0.05mm to 0.015mm; angular accuracy requirements have also increased from 10’ to 3’ in recent years.

To meet both of these accuracy requirements, we use a higher angular positioning accuracy FANUC DDR motors. In addition, the machining speed is fast and improves productivity by at least 10%.
The camera lens industry currently demands manufacturers to produce products with precision of ditch of Ra 0.2, Rz 2.0. After repeated testing, we have met the customer’s requirements in the short term, but we do not take this as the end.

Instead, it is a starting point; we continue to enhance our technical skills with the goal of providing our customers with the better service. Always walking in front of customers, while the customers keep growing, we will not be behind the pace.
Surface Treatment
We can provide different effects, extents of surface treatment, and painting for customers’ needs, ensuring the integrity of process and consistency of parts.