Core Competency
We have high compatibility and resourcefulness for
adjusting the pace according to the customer’s capacity

Quality Assurance

Good quality creates high value

Through the standard procedure of OQC ─ appearance inspection, deburring, dimension measurement, mating parts test,
assembly parts test, dust removal ─ the perfect parts can be created. We not only conduct the assurance and insistence of
quality, but we will also do more subtle classification for planned delivery in response to customer’s needs.

01The strict sorting of parts appearance.
02Ensuring there is no residual burr in the parts.
03Parts surface can be engraved by laser.
04The dimension of parts can be reconfirmed and sorted.
05Ensuring there is no residual dust and packaging quantitatively.
Packaging and Delivery
We can design the tray shape for parts shipping to ensure that no damage is incurred due to rough handling during delivery.

There are two different packaging ways for domestic and overseas shipping. We will use reusable wrapping for domestic shipping. It reduces costs and is environmentally friendly. For overseas shipping, we will pack in two cartons or pallet depending on the needs for ensuring the integrity and security of parts during delivery.
Laser engraving machine
The parts surface can be engraved for customers’ needs.
Electron stereomicroscope
It can be used to check the invisible tiny burr.