Customized Services
In response to customer’s needs, we can customize
the dimension, function, and appearance of parts.

Success Stories

About the high-precision machining of parts, there are many dimensions need to be notice.
Sometimes even when all dimensions are within specifications, but still many problems might occur whendoing the actual assembly.

Therefore, there are always opportunities to encounter, find, and resolve problems, which enhance our
abilities to deal with various problems.

In actual assembling, the actuation of cam ditch is not smooth. After disassembling the product, we used the vision 3D CMM to inspect the all dimensions, but cannot find any anomalies.
We try to use the vision and contact 3D CMM separately to verify the dimension of cam ditch; the measurement result is that there is 0.03mm deviation between these two machines.

There is no dimension error by vision 3D CMM, but the dimensions specification over is found to 0.025mm by contact 3D CMM.
We try to adjust the machining program according to the measurement data from the contact 3D CMM, the actuation of cam ditch is getting smooth in actual assembling.

Therefore, the measurement technique and equipment will be considered in many ways in order to the measurement data will be correct and reproducibility.