Core Competency
We have high compatibility and resourcefulness for
adjusting the pace according to the customer’s capacity

Manufacturing and
Testing capabilities

With our sophisticated CNC inner cam and cam machining centers, four-axle simultaneous processing can significantly reduce
the cost of machinery and personnel, and it can be more competitive in terms of price. In mass production, if there are any
requirements of design change, we will manufacture what is needed within 36 hours in the fastest way.

Occupied Processing Equipment
CNC Lathe
9 units made in Taiwan.
CNC Lathe (Turret type)
9 units made in Taiwan. 4 unit made in Japan.
CNC Tapping center
29 units made by FANUC
CNC Cam dedicated machine
7 units made by SAKAZAKI
CNC Inner cam dedicated machine
5 units made by SAKAZAKI
Cooperative Partner